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Skin-perfecting hydration

95% Aloe Hydrating Gel

Discover true wellness for your skin. This essential step instantly hydrates and locks in moisture, awakening a natural, healthy glow.

Crafted with high concentrations of organic Aloe Vera, this potent daily balancer absorbs fast to boost hydration, rebalance the skin and treat blemishes, revealing firmer, poreless looking skin.

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A Skin-Saving Hero

95% pure hydrational goodness from the inner leaf gel of the Aloe Vera plant.

This intuitive daily balancer delivers renewing hydration to each cell, bringing skin back to its healthiest core.

It also creates a moisture barrier helping to optimize skin function and prepares the skin to better receive the full benefits from your serum and moisturiser.

The Secret Within

We've harvested the most sought after part of the Aloe Vera plant - the inner leaf gel. It is in this gel that the most powerful energising and healing properties are preserved. Aloe Vera is well known to absorb into the skin 3 times better than water - delivering hydration at super speed.

Hidden Miracles

Potent anti-inflammatories Eucalyptus and Wintergreen help to calm any irritation, reduce redness and diffuse blemishes. A hint of Peppermint Oil helps to balance oil flow whilst providing the most delicate touch of aromatherapy.

For Best Application

Massage the gel with your fingertips to warm the formula and activate nutrients before applying to your face. You'll feel the gel set creating a porcelain look. You are now ready to apply your serum or moisturiser.

I love the way it makes my skin feel... Tightens and refreshes while being so versatile in that the whole family can use it, and not just on our face but all over our body and can be used on rashes, pimples and sun & wind burn. Awesome product and great value. Jen Ingram

I have used this wonderful product for some years and would not do without it! People often give compliments re my skin and I reply "it is by Grace, you should try it!". Aileen Central Coast

I have used this product for ten years now and I wouldn't be without it.. Margaret, Saskatchewan Canada

Love this product feels so cool and my skin loves it! Face feels so soft and hydrated throughout the day and so plump another fave:) Janine, New Zealand

This product is totally AMAZING my skin does not feel dry even after first application, a well worth product to purchase, i am 57yrs old and my skin now feels so soft Thank you Grace Cosmetics for having wonderful natural products that do what they say MARIE Clyde North

I wanted to let you know how much my skin has changed since I have started re-using the Deep Cleanser and Hydrating Gel. I have been quite unwell for some time, and have not been an active distributor during this time. I have a 'significant' Birthday later this year, and knew that my skin had taken a beating! I decided to spend some money on 'me' and after only a few weeks, I am now continually being complimented on my complexion. Well, there is only ONE reason why this has happened, and I continue to tell everyone that reason. I will add to my collection as my 'pennies' allow. I wanted to tell you about my experience, and how it has increased my self-esteem. Dorothy W



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