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Say Hello to Natural Lip Care

16 October 2020

Take care of your lips and be a part of lasting change.

We heard you loud and clear… and it’s finally here! Our Light of Hope Natural Lip Balm with SPF 15 has just hit the shelves and they are flying out of our Gold Coast warehouse! Not only is this great news for your lips, but it is also great news for our Light of Hope Charity.

Grace Cosmetics is more than just skincare. As an organisation we believe in giving back, so we have created a platform to outwork this generosity - our Light of Hope Charity.

Light of Hope's mission is to bring hope to desperate, disadvantaged communities by providing them with what they need most. Internationally, we partner with Bethlehem Children's Home in Kenya, built and continue to run our very own orphanage in India and support YWAM’s medical ships in Papua New Guinea.

In Australia, this year alone, we have supported a Gold Coast homeless charity, donated hundreds of our Aloe Vera therapeutic products to firefighters in the bushfire relief and this Christmas we will be donating self care packs to women in prison.

We produce purposeful and obsession-worthy products for our community to purchase, like the Natural Lip Care. From the profits, we are able to fund life-changing projects and causes to help others. 100% of profits from our Light of Hope range go straight to these amazing causes without taking out admin fees, that's why we are so unique.

Our All-Natural Lip Balms have been carefully crafted to give you silky, smooth lips to love. This lip balm doubles as SPF protection to deliver deep hydration and protection from the elements. Retain moisture all throughout the day while adding a natural shine - it really is the ultimate lip balm!

Lips are constantly exposed to numerous stressors. The sun, cold temperatures and dry heat damage the delicate skin on the lips. Lips do not have a protective layer of oil like the rest of our skin. This is why lips chap, crack and bleed easier than other areas of the skin. Provide your lips with the protection and moisture they need with the Light of Hope Natural Lip Balm.

Join us in shopping with purpose. Everytime you use your new Lip Balm, you will know you joined us in bringing hope.

We believe you have influence in your world and our voices are louder together. Spread the word on our Light of Hope products and together we will make a real difference.

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