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It's Time To Love The Skin Youre In

12 FEB 2020

Being in the Instagram era has revealed how many stunning girls see themselves in a negative way. Perfectly filtered photos sometimes lead us to having low self esteem, comparing ourselves and even anxiety to be something we are not. We want to shift this mentality and remind you that you are enough!

We LOVE the skin you’re in and it’s time to start feeling more confident with your natural beauty.

If you have followed Grace for a while, you would know that we are all about inner beauty. Although you are beautiful on the outside, true beauty lies in the light of the heart. Having confidence in who you are and the skin you're in, imperfections and all, transforms the way you think about yourself which then affects how you impact the world around you. After all, loving yourself is the greatest revolution.

We're not saying ignore your problems and it will all go away, because everyone has their fair share of skin or self image concerns. There is no filter here! Pimples are normal, wrinkles are part of life and sometimes our skin is just too oily, but how we react to these concerns is the important part.

Here is our advice on how to love the skin you’re in:

Instagram is NOT Reality

You have heard this said a million times before, but sometimes it’s the reminder we need. Living in an age where we only see the highlight reels of others damages our self confidence and can potentially lead to envy within our hearts. Do you find yourself scrolling for no reason, only to start comparing yourself to others perfect photos? Now we aren’t saying to quit social media, because we are big advocates for using social media to spread positivity and self love. But what about being present with family on the weekends, even if it means ditching the phone for a couple hours? Or when you have that envious thought, leave a comment and tell that person how much you love their outfit. That takes the focus off yourself and channels it towards others. Little but intentional changes make all the difference.

Self Talk

What is the first thought you have when you wake up and look in the mirror in the morning? Is it positive or negative? Our own thoughts can be our own worst enemy, retrain your thinking through positive self talk and call yourself out when those awful thoughts pop into your head. You wouldn’t use the same words to describe another’s skin, so why say them to yourself? Less self judgement and more self love. 

Skin Care is Self Care

Finding the right skincare routine and skincare brand will help you fall in love with your skin again. Often it'’'s difficult to find your perfect fit, but we have had many beauties fall in love with our skincare. We value natural and non toxic products because we know harmful nasties will damage your skin over time. But don't just take it from us...

I literally am loving Grace Cosmetics. My skin has cleared up significantly and it feels amazing. I was using another brand that is not all-natural before and it wasn't working. I truly believe in this brand after using my new skincare routine.” - @sarahkathleen._

"I absolutely love Grace Cosmetics and will shout it from the rooftops… have never felt so confident in my bare skin. I'm hooked." -@loulat

Pro Tip

Stick to a routine! Changing products frequently or forgetting to cleanse for a few days takes you back to square one. 

If you are just starting out with Grace, we recommend this go-to skincare routine: 

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