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Specials April 2020


When you choose Grace, you are choosing natural, non-toxic ingredients and Australian made, cruelty-free cosmetics for your skin’s health. You’re also choosing Australian business and that means alot to us.

Multi-action purifying cleanser

Aloe Foaming Cleanser

Meet your one step wonder. This all natural, bio-active formula effectively breaks down excess oils and impurities. It is gentle, yet powerful enough to remove all makeup, giving you perfectly clean, clear skin.

RRP $38.50  
Customer Price: $35.00
3 MU | 0 QUAL | 3 TRAV

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Skin energy
from the sea

Wrinkle solution with marine collagen

Discover a daily moisturiser that visibly smooths and illuminates the face with youthful beauty. Our breakthrough combination of Marine Collagen and proven botanicals reverse the key signs of ageing by increasing natural collagen production.

RRP $80.00   
Customer Price: $70.00
6 MU | 0 QUAL | 6 TRAV

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Relieves mild joint & muscle aches

Massage Lotion

With active ingredients Aloe Vera & Wintergreen, this topical cream helps relieve muscle aches and joint pain, reduces inflammation and encourages healthy blood circulation.

RRP $29.00   
Customer Price: $26.50
2 MU | 0 QUAL | 2 TRAV

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Exfoliating cream that reveals brighter skin

Aloe Stimulating Scrub

From face to decolletage, this natural blend of plant-based ingredients effectively buffs away dead skin cells, helping to reveal a smoother, softer complexion.

RRP $40.50   
Customer Price: $35.00
3 MU | 0 QUAL | 3 TRAV

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Rich in rna to stimulate skin elasticity

Aloe Eye Cream

Defend against the earliest signs of ageing. Aloe Eye Cream revitalises delicate skin with all-day hydration to smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness, dark circles and under eye bags.

RRP $37.50   
Customer Price: $33.00
3 MU | 0 QUAL | 3 TRAV

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All over skin-softening hydration

Aloe Hand & Body Lotion Tube x 2

Reward your body with pure luxury. This all over body cream is rich in botanicals and absorbs quickly to moisturise, protect and soften, leaving skin hydrated and visibly glowing.

RRP $35.00   
Customer Price: $32.00
3 MU | 0 QUAL | 3 TRAV

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Botanical shower gel for the whole family

Aloe Body Wash

Turn your daily shower routine into an act of care. This soap-free, shower gel naturally cleanses your skin. Pure botanicals leave you feeling deeply refreshed, beautifully scented & visibly glowing.

  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Ideal for any skin concern including eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis
  • Deeply cleanses without drying
  • Paraben, sulphate and soap free.

For all skin types

RRP $27.00   
Customer Price: $18.00
2 MU | 0 QUAL | 2 TRAV

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Effectively cleans without drying your skin

Aloe Vera or Lavender natural body bar

Turn your daily shower routine into an act of self-care. Rich botanical oils in this nourishing body bar provide a soothing, cleansing experience without harsh soaps or hidden nasties.

RRP $10.00   
Customer Price: $8.50
1 MU | 0 QUAL | 1 TRAV

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All-in-one tinted moisturiser with sunscreen

Infiniti Tinted Nourishing Cream

Moisturise, protect and perfect in one simple step. This lightweight cream creates an even toned, healthy look delivering high performance hydration and all day sun protection.

RRP $40.00   
Customer Price: $35.00
3 MU | 0 QUAL | 3 TRAV

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Lift. Firm. Tone.

Meet the all natural treatment mask that’ll have you triple checking your transformation in the mirror.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit

This revolutionary three part face mask works to redefine your skin in an instant. As you allow the mask to set, it provides an intense tightening and lifting action to correct, firm and improve muscle tone all at once.

RRP $111.50   
Customer Price: $100.00
8 MU | 0 QUAL | 8 TRAV

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Special offers ending May 31st

Specials Q2 2020 April May

*Provided a minimum of 15 personal qualifying points is achieved in the current month: Sales Assosiates and Sales Managers will qualify for a further discount of 5% of the B.V. value. Sales Executives will qualify for a further discount of 10% of the B.V. value. Directors will qualify for a further discount of 15% of the B.V. value. A Director has the potential to earn a further 5% discount of the B.V. value on personal orders, which will be rebated at month end, provided the Director places orders during the month with a combined Customer Retail value of AU$1,000.00 or more. We review and update our product packaging in order to ensure it remains as sustainable as possible. The packaging of your product may therefore vary.

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